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We are a BMW MOT test centre in Cardiff

We are an independent BMW garage and Cardiff's No.1 VOSA approved MOT test centre. We have over 15 plus years ensuring that BMW vehicle are roadworthy servicing hundreds if not thousands of BMW cars and vehicles from our garage workshop shown below.

Our MOT test centre is trusted by hundreds if not thousands of BMW motorists. We ensure we offer you an MOT at the most competitive prices, and if you require work to be carried out on your BMW vehicle we always ensure a quick turnaround at the most affordable prices.

If your BMW vehicle needs an MOT, then this is why you should pick our independent BMW garage to service your BMW vehicle.

1) We are far more cost effective than BMW main dealers, if you go to BMW main dealers for an MOT and faults are found then you could be in for a hefty bill. Our independent BMW garage carry out affordable service work on your BMW car and will get your BMW vehicle roadworthy at the right and fair prices.

2) Do not forget that we invest in BMW mechanics that have many years’ experience working on BMW vehicles. Having experienced BMW mechanics means we can MOT your BMW vehicle and carry out any additional work needed efficiently and reliably from our independent BMW garage workshop shown below.

Why not give us a call and arrange a visit to our independent BMW garage, we are here to save you money and get you roadworthy ensuring your car is safe when out on the road.