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We repair BMW ECU units

We are an independent BMW garage and have over 15 years’ experience diagnosing and fixing faults on BMW ECU units. Whatever the issue is we can fix your ECU unit and ensure we get your back out on the road quickly and at the right prices, here is our independent BMW garage pictured below.

What makes us unique and different from any other vehicle service garage in Cardiff is the fact we invest in all of the latest ECU vehicle diagnostics technology. Over the last five years we have invested £150,000 in technology, this investment ensures that we always carry out reliable BMW vehicle servicing especially on BMW ECU units.

If your BMW ECU unit needs work, then this is why you should pick our independent BMW garage to service your BMW vehicle.

1) We are far more cost effective than BMW main dealers, if you go to the main dealers and have a serious faulty with your ECU then rest assure it is going to cost you an arm and a leg. We carry out affordable surgery on your BMW car and will get you back out on the road in no time AT THE RIGHT AND FAIR PRICES.

2) Do not forget that we invest in BMW mechanics that have many years’ experience working on BMW ECU units. Having experienced BMW mechanics means we can find the ECU fault with your BMW vehicle quickly, reliably and at the right price. Here is one of our mechanics working on the ECU of an BMW vehicle.